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The Ozark Off Road Club strives to provide social and educational opportunities, advocate preservation of our public and private lands and parks, and charitably support our local and greater communities. Purpose supporting activities include, but are not limited to: guided trail rides, campouts, trail-side assistance and instruction, beginner classes (social/educational), trail creation/maintenance work days (preservation), and events that raise funds donated to local charities (community support).

Meet the Team

2019 Board Members


Chad Stevens - President



Kai Ramsey - Vice President


scotts rig

Scott Cargile - Treasurer


I live in Bentonville. Married with 3 dogs.
I like most anything with an engine.


Ralph Bartley - Trail Coordinator


Ralph Bartley, I am a law enforcement officer and I live in Benton County, Arkansas. I am married to Kim Bartley and we have three kids. I love long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners and I am an Aries. Lol I enjoy the outdoors. My love of wheelin' has grown especially due to the fact that it is a family sport. My kids love to go and my wife has her own rig as well. I also love the fact that when we have a club event or even just a small group wheelin' the family get together. The kids playing (without cell phones) outdoors and exploring nature.

Sarah Stevens - Public Relations


Sarah Stevens has been a club member since 2016 and the club’s PR coordinator since 2017. Sarah and her husband, Chad, have been outdoor enthusiast their whole lives. Sarah grew up riding horses but found a love for ATVs as a young adult. She can now be found around town or on trails in the family’s yellow TJ or her white XJ. Sarah’s favorite part of being an Ozark Off Road Club member is meeting and spending time with other members, who "often feel like extended family." She says, “It’s a great feeling knowing you have so many people behind you, not only on the trails but to help with anything life throws at you.” Sarah enjoys the opportunities being PR Coordinator gives her in the non-profit aspect of the club. “I love that I can help make a difference in our community and promote family togetherness through off-road events and activities. It’s awesome to see husbands, wives and kiddos out on the trails spending time together outdoors."

Jennifer Ramsay - Secretary


2018 Directors


Ken Phasey - Director


Builder of buggys.

ricks rig

 Rick Terry - Director 2


Driver of buggys.

Jordonna and rig

JorDonna Cole - Director 3


Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Gearhead. Big fan of the skinny pedal.  Favorite parts of off roading are hanging with friends, climbing big obstacles, and watching same friends get in scary and potentially vehicle damaging situations on the trail and driving their way out of them without a scratch.  JorDonna can be found on the trails driving her beloved rock bouncer, Halcyon Blaze, or her husband, Larry Cole’s  ’96 Cherokee, Tonto. She also owns  a Can-Am Maverick 1000 XRS and a Can-Am Outlander XT 800R.  Her pavement driving miles are shared between her 3/4 ton diesel pickup and her 19 year obsession, a bagged ’95 GMC Suburban lowrider named Momsvette. 

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